Update:  I have changed it so people who have an account can post a message to us!  Thanks for all the encouraging words!

Hey!  Great to see you!  This website is the Burns family's - Amy and I have 5 children, so far, Natalie, Megan, Lauren, Zach and Jennifer.  We came up with the name by combining the first 2 letters of each of their names - JeNaMeLaZa - Almost in Age order, except we stuck Jenny in the front instead of at the end.  We thought of a bunch of different names like this, but JeZaLaMeNa sounded too much like jezabel, not our favorite character in scripture, and NaMeLaZaJe just didn't work - so it was JeNaMeLaZa.  Anyway, I ramble - sometimes not all of the content of a listing shows up unless you click on the title of the listing - just a heads up, as these are kind of a listing of the articles, so click on the titles to read them.  Also, go ahead and create your own username and password, and I will be setting it up so you can create an encouraging message to our gang by clicking on the create content link. You also can comment on the different things we put out there as well.  Have Fun! And God Bless!

Picture of the Family

The whole gang - some of us are even awake in this picture!



Hey Guys,
   Just checking out the tune...awesome.  I'm sure Laura will love it because it's not even my birthday and I did.  Really cool.  Miss you guys.  Can't wait to see you all around Christmas...I'll be praying for snow!  Love you, Darin

She's got a way...

  So it was Aunt Laura's very special birthday, so we modified (mangled?) a tune for her - I played it on the piano and then recorded it with all the kids... We certainly had a great time, wish we could have been with everyone!
The links below are probably best done with a right click, save as...  Would have been good to do a bit of video editing - Fuzz?
another oops...
and another...

Hello Friend!

Hello friend! You have an absolutely beautiful family!! Your children are gorgeous… Dale too! And you look absolutely stunning in your family pic!
I must have stared at your picture for 15mins straight! It truly is funny that meeting people at specific periods of time, baldness for example, makes it it hard to imagine them any other way. But I look at you and see pieces of me. And I read your blog and felt every emotion as my own. I felt your despair and your frustration but I also felt your HOPE. And in reliving my own journey, I think of the first day we met. You looked so young yet so alive. You had a tremendous sprit and I was so happy to talk to you at the end of the class... I could've went on for hours! I was ecstatic to see someone my own age going though the same issues. You gave me such a boost because I was running on E, and for all the times I heard “I understand” no one did so it was refreshing to talk with you! And when we met again, you told me that I inspired you that night with my bald head and I just thrived! To hear that in the midst of my trials I actually helped someone else, there was no better feeling in teh world! You made me feel like a million bucks so thank you.

Love your attitude!

I saw you speak the other night at the sing-spiration in Wellsville, and I thought you did a great job!  You have a great attitude!  God will get you through this time.  God Bless!

Grampa (to your beautiful kids...)

Hello Burns Family!

Hello everyone.
I just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know how much we miss you guys!  Church just isn't the same without Zach and the girls!  And Dale, I am still waiting to hear back from you!!  Hope all is well and remember, we are praying for you!  Don't hesitate to call if you need ANYTHING!  - Ron

Happy B-day

Happy Birthday Amy, Burns style...late!  Love you, miss you, see you soon, Darin

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Amy
love from all of us here in the deep south!!

Inspired by You

Amy, Dale and kids,
Reading your first journal entry, Amy was inspiring.  You have amazing strength even though you probably question that every day.  The tremendous faith in the Lord that you have and the love of your family and friends will continue to surround you.  Please know that we all want to be a part of this journey with you in thoughts, prayers and anything else--you name it!  I wish the distance in miles were not so great.  I love you!
Your cousin,