Update:  I have changed it so people who have an account can post a message to us!  Thanks for all the encouraging words!

Hey!  Great to see you!  This website is the Burns family's - Amy and I have 5 children, so far, Natalie, Megan, Lauren, Zach and Jennifer.  We came up with the name by combining the first 2 letters of each of their names - JeNaMeLaZa - Almost in Age order, except we stuck Jenny in the front instead of at the end.  We thought of a bunch of different names like this, but JeZaLaMeNa sounded too much like jezabel, not our favorite character in scripture, and NaMeLaZaJe just didn't work - so it was JeNaMeLaZa.  Anyway, I ramble - sometimes not all of the content of a listing shows up unless you click on the title of the listing - just a heads up, as these are kind of a listing of the articles, so click on the titles to read them.  Also, go ahead and create your own username and password, and I will be setting it up so you can create an encouraging message to our gang by clicking on the create content link. You also can comment on the different things we put out there as well.  Have Fun! And God Bless!