sending some love =)

amy, i love what you wrote!  and if you need a course on imperfect and unorganized writing..i am your girl.  i actually wrote you a letter the other day but was too embarrassed to send it..haha!  oh well, i guess now i will send it as long as it will encourage you that words can be's okay.   i will bring you down to my level..tee hee hee
we love you and we miss you and we are pulling for you.  we would do anything for you, just name it.  there are only about a gazillion others that feel the same if i were you, i would totally take advantage of that.  =)
i hope we can see you soon.  merry christmas!  xoxoxoxox
love, neva
p.s. a box is headed your is from us, i forgot to stick a note inside because i am an idiot.

Miss you guys

Great Picture..wish I could hug it...I tried, didn't really work out that well.  Coming up in January, with D.P. (Dane) so we can work the whole hug thing out.  Praying for you all...keep the faith.  See you soon, Love Darin

Blessings to you!

Dear Amy & Dale & family,
Thank you so much for establishing the web site and Dale for expressing yourself with such openness. It is a very big blessing to be able to know what is really happening. I rejoice in God who is clearly working in you. I look to the Lord and pray that His good will and purposes would be completely fulfilled in your lives and particularly in this cruel situation.
This Christmas season I am challenged to consider some Christian contradictions:
           The King of Kings born in a stable
          The beginning of time where light is called forth out of darkness
          God coming here


My name is Phyllis  and I am a friend of David and Barb in Morehead.  Barb indicated that you had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I wanted to give you a little history about myself.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago, had a masectomy in December, 2002 and started chemotherapy in January, 2003.  After my chemotheraphy was over, I had to have 35 radiation treatments.  I am saying all this to let you know that when you start this process, everything seems so bleak.  The LORD has truly blessed me during this entire process.  I say this because it is a process that I believe will be a part of my entire life. 

When I first heard those words and was officially diagnosed with cancer, I was devastated.  I felt that my life was over.  So many of my friends and family had passed away with cancer and I guess I thought, well I won’t live with this dreaded disease.  I felt sorry for myself for a couple of weeks and kept thinking “why me?” and then my next thought was “why not me?”  I finally decided that I could continue to feel sorry for myself, believe that I couldn’t survive this disease or I could start the battle and beat this disease. My diagnosis became a wake up call.  It made me realize that I wanted to experience life fully, not lose it.  I could whine about my health and losing my hair, or I could continue living my life to the best of my ability and truly believed that cancer was not going to defeat me.  Having cancer has taught me that you don't have time to waste, make every day count.  My doctor told me that my positive attitude made me a better patient.  I would try to go into my treatments with a positive attitude and try to help lift up the spirits of those folks who were receiving treatments the same days I was.

We love you guys.

Hey it's good to know you  have the website.  Good job! I will pass it on to others. We think of you, love you and pray for you. Just keep thinking of all the beach memories we will keep building in the years to come.

Of Being Unsure

        I'm a perfectionist at heart.  For some that statement may come as a shock - but for most that know me, they  would agree.  I know that sometimes my house is an example of a - "... Tornado in a trailer park" (as Zach loves to quote 'Mater'), and my daily attire might be reminiscent  of some episode of "what not to wear" - but for the most part I like "order", "efficient use of space", and "clean lines" ( a design principle).  That's why the idea of writing a journal log, or "blog" is both exciting and intimidating at the same time.  I have always wanted to journal, and for years now I have tried.   I have great thoughts on paper such as - "tomorrow I will clean my kitchen, making sure to organize the tupperware cupboard",   "today Megan went swimming in a spilled box of cheerios" or "Zach decided to tatoo his body with multiple (thankfully washable) markers".  I have never gotten to the point of expressing where I feel weak/strong, angry/joyful , jealous/content or other such emotions.  I certainly wouldn't write in pen because - what if I spelled something wrong or wrote something grammatically incorrect.....and I would remember back to free-writing exercises in English class - I could not get the concept of just letting the thoughts flow and correct and edit later....    You see, in sharing my inner thoughts and feelings, and perhaps some insights along the way,  I must become vulnerable.  I am vulnerable because you will see that I am not really in control of anything right now.   Frankly,  I am unsure  of what my future holds for this human existence - every day I wake to the fear that at any time my life might end much differently than I had dreamed.  However, ironically I  think that's exactly where I need to be to truly understand my role in this epic called life.  

Thinking of You

Dear Amy, Dale, and Family~
Just a quick note to let you know you are ever on our hearts and in our prayers.  For several weeks now you have held the seat of honor in the prayer list in our household :-)  My three girls take turns leading our devotional prayer time and you always get "top billing" no matter whose turn it is!  I know as the mother of 5 young ones you can relate to the earnestness of a child's prayer.............. and their faithfulness; they just never forget or give up!  I hope your heart is encouraged; what a neat idea this website is and I love the family photo!
Debbie and family  

Our prayers are with you

I'm a home school mom.  First, our prayers are with you.  Second, in 2002 my sister-in-law had several surgeries, each one more evasive than the previous before she finally went to Strong.  She had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery at the same time.  (FYI - My son was in the burn unit the floor below her)  Several lymph nodes had Cancer.  She did not have chemo or radiation, much to our concern.  It’s been 5 years and still no return of the cancer.   There are more successes than we realize so have faith and we will continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

Greetings from New Jersey

Amy and Family:
Rest assured that you are all in our thoughts and prayers as you face this latest challenge.  You will get through this with the help prayer, family and what sounds like a great team of doctors and specialists in Buffalo.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.  Although we seldom see each other and we live in another state, we are here for you.
Love, Tim, Janet, Lauren, Sara and Brittany

Great mental attitude

Amy, it was great talking to you the other day. I am glad that you have kept your sense of humor through all of this.
As you know the year of treatments will fly by and during that time you will benefit from positive experiences and new friendships. We look forward to reading your book one day on all of these experiences as will many other women who are in the same situation as you are now.
Keep smiling and remember that a lot of people are praying for you.
If we can help you in anyway Amy, just give us a call.
We love you!
Your Uncle Dick