Think Positive

Dale and Amy:

We've heard the news. And, of course, I'm at a loss for words. So just know you guys our in our thoughts. Be sure to keep your heads up. There are several things in common with all survivors; strong ties with family and friends, strong faith, and positive thinking. You can definitely beat this, so don't lose hope for one second. If you need any help as far as medical information is concerned, you know my email. As far as cutting edge cancer treatment is concerned, I'm obsessed to say the least. Below is a link for a company that I think is pioneering what will be a bright future for cancer treatment, and it so happens that they somewhat specialize in this type of cancer(in addition to being in Charlotte). There is a lot of witch-doctor stuff out there, and this is not one of them.

I am praying for the recovery of Amy

Hello Burns' family:
I am not sure who will be reading this, so I would think an introduction is in order.  My name is John Kromka.  I go to the same church Don & Irene go to.  I met them in early October.  I am going to be a boarder in their house in Andover shortly.  Over the past month of so, Don, I, and others have been preparing the house for me to move in.
I have found them to be absolutely wonderful, Godly people.  They have done a tremendous thing for me by providing me with housing I so desperately needed due to circumstances of which Don can explain.  Without Don and Irene's help, I would still be in this unfortunate situation...but now I am so grateful and happy and so looking forward to moving into their home and, sort of, becoming an extended part of their family, I hope.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving - and though it wasn't a Thanksgiving holiday celebrated in the normal fashion for us, we are still thankful.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  First and foremost is for a loving God.  Somehow that sounds weird at this moment, but it is true.  Secondly, for a successful surgery.  Sure, we didn't want to have to do that at all, but there are many people that don't make it through even minor surgeries, so God's protection during that event, for that we are grateful.  Next, for a beautiful and wonderful bunch of kids.  Jennifer has been absolutely amazing.  Not many 3 week old kids sleep 8 hours at night - many do in the middle of the day to the chagrin of their mom, but not at night.  She sleeps from at least 11PM to 7AM every night.  Although we don't always, if it were her keeping us awake, we probably would be wearing white suits by now.  Natalie understands the most of all of them of course, and she has been a great help with teaching Megan to read, and helping in every kind of way.  Megan has helped in such thoughtful ways, finding things like praise CD's and drawing pictures.  Lauren has helped with such a great optomistic attitude.  And Zach has helped by smiling and being excited about "Cars is coming out for Christmas!"   I honestly think Mom likes to hear that even more than he likes saying it, but he is jumping up and down when he says it.  Of course, we aren't thankful for them because they have been helpful, but when things are rough, they can be part of the problem, or help to cheer up.  They have definitely been part of the cheering squad.  They are very special kids, and I am not biased! Next, for the people that have given us emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual support.  So many people have been praying for us, helping us with food, watching kids, giving us helpful advice, driving with us, and the list could go on and on.  As far as people praying, that list keep growing and growing, and we are most thankful for that support. 

Some news you just don't want to hear...

Dr. Edge just came in to the OR/ICU waiting room and broke the news.  We were hoping and praying that it would be poof! gone, we were hoping and praying that there would be no lymph node involvement, we were hoping and praying that there would be no invasive cancer at all.  If it went poof! gone, we would have shouted to the high heavens,  If it was totally "in situ" - at the site, there would be no chemotherapy, no radiation, nothing at all, and we would have still shouted to the high heavens.  Even if it had been invasive, but not yet in the lymph nodes we would have been thankful for a less scary, yet somewhat scary prognosis.  This wasn't what God had in store for us.  There was cancer in 1 lymph node.  The sentinel lymph node disection revealed 3 lymph nodes that took the dye, and at least one of them was cancerous.  We will still be thankful, but it hurts.  This diagnosis was the least hoped for, although it isn't the most alarming.  It could be much worse than this.  We will be strong and we will continue praise him - because his mercy endures forever.


I am sitting in the waiting room - waiting - again.... They just wheeled her away from me just moments ago.  I seemed to have developed a small leak of the brain right about in the eyeball area.  I held off while she was with me, we talked about everything, there were plenty of people with me to help distract me - and Amy.  I am gonna read a couple of Psalms - 91 is just so comforting when you don't know the outcome. 

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty." - vs 1 

Just rest - He is in charge.  Have the faith to just rest in that He is good and He is able.  Don't worry about lymph nodes, don't worry about further treatments,  whether or not things will get more crazy than they already have.  Things have been crazy leading up to this day, but He has definitely been leading.  How we arrived at this day, how we arrived at this facility, everything has been under His lead.  So now we just rest, remembering that He will not let anything happen to Amy that He doesn't have a plan for.  Although the breaking of the news way back in September took us all by surprise, it didn't surprise God.  Not one bit.

  "Though a thousand may fall at your right side, and ten thousand and your right hand, it will not come nigh thee"